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The promoters of the company have a combined pharmaceutical experience of over 25 years, followed by more than 5 years of experience in Pharma Job Oriented Programs and Placements. Along with the real-time technical training, we provide our students with personal and career counseling, skill development, and career information services so that they can fulfil the expectations of their future work place.

The main objective of “The Pharma Patashala” is to enhance the technical skills of the students for science graduates and postgraduates through effective education and training so that they can be employable in various pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


The Indian pharmaceutical industry is more stable compared to the other industries, and there is a potential for growth in coming years. The size of the Indian pharmaceutical industry is poised to grow to approximately Rs. 140,000 crores in 2020. To cater to the needs of pharma and chemical industries, it is estimated that over 5 lakh new jobs will be created within the next four years.


With an expected growth rate of 14% per annum, the Indian pharmaceutical sector is expected to create more jobs in India in 2015-16 and add 45,000 fresh openings to its current strength. The pharma sector has a competitive advantage of prospering steadily and thus attracts lots of young professionals looking at pharmaceuticals as their prospective career option. This sector has also been responsible for creating a skilled, talented pool of chemists, scientists, and managers.

The need for skilled manpower in the pharmaceutical industry ranges widely from research and development (R&D), quality control (QC), quality assurance (QA), intellectual property (IP), manufacturing (Production), regulatory affairs (RA), and even sales and marketing. What the pharma industry needs is to have better policies to retain and nurture the existing talent and equip them with the necessary skills.


Highly qualified and experienced management and faculty.
Experienced in various pharma industries like Dr.Reddy’s Labs for more than 25 years.
Rich experience in analytical and Training Labs
Good relations with most of the pharma companies.
Guest faculties from various MNC companies to teach technical and soft skills.

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